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K-POP Foodie Goals!

  • 10/12/2017


Bigby’s, the homegrown brand from Cagayan de Oro constantly innovating its brand since 1998, is yet again, launching new products that are Korean-inspired. The phenomenon of the Korean wave or known as “Hallyu” (Hangul: 한류), has been trending in our country, since several years ago. This is because of the influence of famous Korean TV series or “Koreanovelas” shown during prime time, and of course, the Korean Pop or K-Pop artists, who garnered a large number of Filipino fans. This also inspired the brand to come up with these new menu:


K-style Chicken Fry

This Korean fried chicken is not your ordinary glazed chicken, like what you already tried, you know why? It has a special marination by Bigby’s and gives its taste a natural flavor and balanced with the taste of the glaze. You can choose two (2) kinds of glazes – Soy Garlic glaze, if you want to just savor its sweet and salty taste, and the Spicy glaze, if you want to try an “ompf” in your taste buds.


Superstar Bulgogi


Who is not a Hallyu fan if you don’t know Bulgogi? The Beef Bulgogi bowl is another option of the existing Korean menu item in Bigby’s, the Kimmy Chunky Stew is also served in a bowl with very Korean beef flavor. But this time, the Superstar Bulgogi went up a notch. It’s now with Bigby’s Kimchi fried rice! Yes, it’s fried rice with homemade Kimchi. Delicious! This rice bowl is topped with the Beef Bulgogi, perfect sunny side up egg, sauteed spinach and seasame seeds. You will surely have a very satisfied stomach and palate.


Aja Chapchae

This very Korean traditional dish has been in their culture a long long time ago, and this time, Bigby’s continues to promote it. We included it in our new menu to let the Filipinos know how this dish shaped the their culture and how it still remained as one of the best traditional dishes. Bigby’s used special Korean glass noodles and beef bulgogi plus all the other ingredients to complete this dish. Served in a sizzling plate and topped with egg omelette and sesame seeds, this will surely be a great appetizer or side dish or your main dish when you try the Bigby’s K-pop Foodie Goals!


Come visit our branches and try our newest menu offering.


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