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Bigby’s Christmas Ham Menu Specials

  • 12/11/2017

Christmas is a few days away and we have already offered our signature Pineapple Christmas Ball Ham, but we’re still not completely satisfied, after it is well-received by you, our dear guests. So, we would like to offer more! More Christmas offerings for you! Here is our Bigby’s Christmas Ham Menu Specials. We are offering not only 1, but 2 Menu Specials inspired by our Pineapple Christmas Ham.



If you are craving for Christmas Ham even before the Noche Buena, try the Holiday Meatballs! Served on a big rice bowl topped with pork and ham meatballs with sweet tangy pineapple sauce. The spiced tomato Cuban rice compliments its sweet flavor. Big servings (as usual at Bigby’s) and affordable!



This fusion special menu item is inspired by not only the Bigby’s Christmas Ham, but also the current menu. For this serving, you get tortilla stuffed with succulent pineapple ham and herb cheese! It might be the perfect combination of any kind of ham and cheese you’ve ever tasted!


Watch out for these Bigby’s Christmas Ham Menu Specials at all branches. Available soon!